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Commerical Real Estate Services

At Real Estate Agents Clayton we help clients with buying, selling, or leasing commercial properties in Clayton and surrounding areas.

Our expert team of commercial agents is here to facilitate seamless transactions tailored to your requirements. Additionally, we offer comprehensive investment advisory services and top-notch property management solutions to help you achieve your financial goals and maximize the value of your investments.

Property Sales and Leasing

Facilitating property sales and leasing transactions in Clayton, we handle negotiations and paperwork for office buildings, retail spaces, industrial facilities, and warehouses

Providing investment advisory services, we conduct market research, property valuation, and develop investment strategies tailored to your financial goals

Property Management

Overseeing day-to-day operations, tenant relations, maintenance, and compliance, our property management services allow you to maximize value while minimizing management burdens

About Clayton's Commercial Real Estate Market

  • Key locations such as Dandenong Road and Wellington Road are prime spots due to high visibility and traffic; proximity to amenities boosts a property’s appeal.
  • Investors should pay attention to market trends in Clayton, like the demand for medical facilities and retail spaces; expert advice from estate agents can help navigate these trends.
  • Before investing or leasing, research the area thoroughly, understanding potential costs including taxes, agent fees, legalities and maintenance expenses is crucial.
  • Properties in Clayton offer diversity with options including development land, showrooms and medical centres; finding the right fit depends on your business needs.
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Our Commercial Agents

Century 21 Clayton Office Located at the intersect of Haughton Road and Clayton Road
Century 21 Clayton Office Located at the intersect of Haughton Road and Clayton Road
This is an image of First National Clayton JXRE Real Estate Agency in Clayton.
Located at the Cross Section of Dunstan Street and Clayton Road, right beside the traffic light is First National JXRE
Image of Ray White Clayton
Raywhite's Clayton office located opposite of JXRE at Clayton Road.

With over 77 active commercial real estate agencies in Clayton, we’ve partnered with the best agents in their respective agencies. These agents are a selected few from Century 21 Clayton Property Group, Raywhite Clayton/ Oakleigh and JXRE First National, three of the top agencies that provide commercial real estate services in Clayton and surrounding areas. 

How To Hire A Commercial Real Estate Agent?

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Key Commercial Areas and Suburbs

In this section, we explore the vibrant commercial locales within Clayton and its suburbs.

Our focus is on the central business district, accompanying suburbs, and their unique contributions to Clayton’s economy.

Central Clayton and Surroundings

Central Clayton is the bustling heart of the area, renowned for its expansive retail and business services.

The district is densely packed with shops, restaurants, and offices lining Clayton Road. Notably, the Clayton Shopping Plaza serves as a commercial hub that caters to a wide range of consumer needs.

  • Retail: A variety of outlets ranging from clothing stores to electronics.
  • Dining: Diverse eateries offering global cuisines.
  • Services: Banks, post offices, and legal services are readily available.

Oakleigh and Oakleigh South

These suburbs are rich with commercial activity and cultural diversity.

Oakleigh is particularly known for its Greek community and the vibrant Eaton Mall.

  • Cafe Culture: Replete with authentic Greek cafes and delicatessens.
  • Retail Diversity: Boutiques and specialty stores dot the charming streets.

Oakleigh South has a mix of residential and commercial presences, with smaller industrial zones.

  • Industrial Sites: Home to light manufacturing and service industries.
  • Golf Courses: Including the Metropolitan Golf Club, merging recreation with business networking opportunities.

Springvale and Notting Hill

Springvale is a melting pot of cultures, reflected in its business landscape.

  • Marketplace: Springvale Shopping Centre and the bustling Springvale Road offer an array of shops.
  • Community Hubs: Cultural events often centre around the lively retail districts.

Notting Hill with its proximity to Monash University, has seen commercial growth.

  • Technology Park: The Monash Business and Technology Park in Notting Hill invites innovation and enterprise.

Corporate Centres: Housing several corporate offices and start-ups.


The Clayton commercial real estate market is currently experiencing a growth in mixed-use developments, which combine retail, office, and residential spaces.

Sustainability and eco-friendly features are also becoming increasingly important to potential tenants and buyers.

Zoning regulations in Clayton are crucial, as they determine the types of activities and businesses that can operate in a particular area.

Prospective buyers must ensure the property’s zoning aligns with their intended use to avoid compliance issues.

Clayton offers a diverse range of commercial properties for lease, including office spaces, retail shops, industrial warehouses, and food and beverage premises, catering to various business needs and sizes.

Acquiring a commercial property in Clayton typically involves market research, securing financing, due diligence checks, negotiating terms, and finalising the purchase through a legal settlement process.

Lease rates in Clayton vary depending on factors such as property type, location, and amenities, with prime retail spaces commanding higher rates compared to office or industrial areas.

The Clayton property market trend analysis reveals a large supply of buyers and those looking to rent with less landlords looking to sell their homes. This is considerably due to Clayton hosting the largest University of Australia, Monash. This has increased Clayton housing prices by roughly 3.3% annually due to this excess supply of buyers and those looking to rent.

Clayton’s commercial real estate market is competitive. It often offers more affordable rates than more central suburbs while still providing excellent connectivity and amenities. This makes it a desirable location for many businesses.

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