Best Monash Off-Campus Accommodations for Students

5 Monash Off-Campus Accomodations

Looking to live closer to Monah University’s Clayton Campus but campus accommodation is too expensive? As an alumnus myself, I wanted the perfect balance between affordable and convenient living while being able to enjoy the campus resources 24/7. For me, off-campus residence helped me find this balance and it will for you too.

Here, we will be going through the 5 best Monash off-campus accommodations. As real estate agents in Clayton, these are the most popular options for you to live next.

About Renting in Clayton

Renting in Clayton as a Monash student is the best way for students to live affordably and enjoy the facilities of the University but also travel conveniently to the CBD. The great thing about Clayton is that it is by far the best suburb to live in South of Melbourne where Chadstone and Costco are just around the corner.

However, students looking to rent off-campus in Clayton are entering a competitive rental market where prospective tenants far outnumber the amount of housing available. Hence, you’re expected to be one of many queuing up for an inspection. 

Best Monash Off-Campus Accommodations

Each student values a good off-campus accommodation differently. Here’s how we distinguished what makes an excellent off-campus accommodation: convenience, cost, living conditions and welfare. 

1. M-City Residential Building (Most Luxurious Off-Campus Accommodation)

M-CITY Accommodation
M-CITY Accommodation

By far the most luxurious off-campus accommodation for students is M-City’s Residential Building. Sitting above M-City Shopping Center, this off-campus accommodation provides students with the best facilities to date. Students living here will have a low urge to leave the proximity as the shopping center offers grocery stores, restaurants that open to late, a swimming pool and even its own movie theatre.

Going to school from M-City is one simple bus ride away. However, the queue for a bus can be particularly long at times given that the buses come every 30 minutes. Walking to school is also a viable option which will take roughly 15 to 20 minutes. However, be careful of crossing the busy Wellington Road, cars drive quickly there so we highly recommend taking the bus instead.


  • Many restaurants convenient for students
  • Coles and ALDI available for residence
  • Movie Theatre
  • 5-minute bus ride to Monash Clayton Campus 
  • 15-minute walk to campus 
  • Private swimming pool


  • Expensive (Ranges from $300 to $600 per week)

2. Houses Around Clayton Station (All-Round Most Convenient)’

image of CLayton station housing
Clayton Station

Another option for Monash students looking to live off-campus is to find a house or apartment for rent around Clayton Station. There are thousands of houses, townhouses and even small apartments available for lease to Monash students around the PTV station. As a result, students not only enjoy having multiple buses that go straight to campus within 10 minutes but can also travel quickly to the CBD and enjoy the diverse Asian cuisine Clayton Road has to offer.

Not only is convenience higher, under the railroad bridges are multiple basketball courts and small parks. The community is vibrant with people from all over the world with two Coles, one large Asian supermarket, one Australian Post and a vast amount of Asian restaurants. 


  • Extremely convenient
  • Close to Clayton PTV station
  • Direct bus to Monash University


  • Over-reliant on public transport to reach Monash Campus
  • Hard to find a house that isn’t already leased

3. Monash Green Drive Town House (Best Townhouse Option)

image of MONASH GREEN DRIVE off-campus accomodation
Monash Green Drive Town House

Having lived here for over a year, Monash Green Drive’s Town House is my go-to place to live off campus as a Monash student. The townhouse is situated along Brown Rd and is 10 minute walk to either the University and Clayton Station. Owning a bicycle is highly recommended as bike paths are straight and smooth.

Additionally, this townhouse is great for students looking for one roommate to share with and someone who enjoys a clean, quiet and convenient living space with a private swimming pool! The townhouse is designed for smaller families but has opened its doors for students looking to enjoy a well-maintained townhouse. 


  • Affordable Housing
  • 10-minute walk to Campus or Clayton Station
  • Private swimming pool
  • Very well-maintained townhouse


  • No buses nearby

4. Rusden House (Most Affordable)

Rusden House Clayton

Rusden House has been active in providing off-campus student accommodation for decades. It has many units available for rent yearly but that’s also because most students stay in this residence for no more than a year. Given how long it has been around, the units are slightly older and many have voiced that a renovation is necessary. However, if you’re an IT student this campus is only a 10 minute walk to the Technology Faculty building.

If you’re seeking budget-friendly and handy off-campus housing with excellent management, Rusden House is a solid option, especially if you don’t mind staying in an older unit. Plus, Monash University and Rusden House require a mere 2-minute walk across Blackburn Road, the one roadway needed for you to reach the campus.


  • Affordable Housing
  • Offers Affordable Studio spaces
  • Convenient buses
  • Convenient for IT Students
  • 2-minute walk to campus


  • Older accommodations

5. Accommodation Along Atherton Road, Oakleigh (Best Non-Clayton Option)

Atherton Housing along Oakleigh

Students having trouble finding off-campus accommodation in Clayton can look to Oakleigh instead. Oakleigh is a suburb located right beside Clayton and half of the buses traveling in Oakleigh have a direct 10 minutes trip to Monash Campus’s bus stop. Many students have recently shifted to living in Oakleigh to not only enjoy the vibrant Greek suburb but also to the competitive rental market in Clayton.

That said, housing prices have increased significantly as housing in Oakleigh is well maintained and less old compared to those in Clayton. Walking to Monash University from Oakleigh will take close to 40 minutes. As a result, taking the bus is your best bet.


  • 10-minute bus trip to Monash University
  • Many new houses are out for rent
  • Vibrant Greek Suburb
  • Convenient for groceries and restaurants in Oakleigh Station


  • Unwalkable to the University (40 minutes)

Should Monash students live on or Off-Campus?

First year may want to consider living in student accommodations in Monash University. These colleges host many events to help you get involved with the campus and make new friends.

Students looking for more affordable housing should consider living off-campus but within close proximity to Monash. 

Where Is Monash University Located?

Monash’s main campus is located in Clayton, Victoria at Wellington Rd, Clayton VIC 3800.

How much does it cost to live at Monash Uni?

Depending on the college you decide, living in Monash Uni could cost you anywhere from $13,000 to $15,000 per contract year. Please check Monash’s accommodation pricing for more details.

How Do I Rent in Clayton?

If you’re looking to rent off-campus, find a reliable real estate agent in Clayton to find you the best off-campus accommodation to help you live an amazing student life while studying at Monash Unviersity.

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Charge For Rentals?

Real Estate Agents in Clayton charge roughly 2.4% fees. These fees are meant to cover administration expenses. The amount charged by agents across Australia can vary so definitely check before renting!

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